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Hang Two Finger Surfboards is a start-up company located in Provo, UT.  It is the brainchild of two BYU students looking to apply the knowledge they’ve learned in college into a fun, business idea.  Hang Two Finger Surfboards provides a cheap and new way for surfers and dreamers alike to enjoy the thrills of surfing, with just a car.  These small sized surfboards are designed to be surfed by your fingers, powered only by the wind.  So buy a board, ride the winds, and Hang Two!

Brennan Leininger     

A previous NYU film school dropout and a current third-year Economics student at BYU, Brennan Leininger covers the business and media production side of things of the company.  Growing up in Southern California, surfing has been an integral part of his childhood and since leaving California for educational pursuits, Brennan has sought to find a way to keep that surfing culture alive and well in his life.




Nate Taylor     

Nate is a second-year engineering student at Brigham Young University with a passion for creativity.  Using skills learned in college Nate designed the first finger surfboard and primarily focuses on production and production management. Born in West Palm Beach Florida, Nate maintains a love for the beach, the ocean, and hanging two!